Frequently Asked Questions

The Mobile App and the Website Widget

The App

What is Captionable?

Captionable creates a guessing game out of everyday photos for you to play or share with others. Play on your phone and add a Captionable widget to your blog or any type of website.

How do I start?

Download the app for iPhone here.

Ok, I’m in the game. Now what?

Click on any photo with a question mark to play. Visit the Browse page for top ranked captions or captions sorted by categories.

You’ll need to connect via your phone or Facebook to add comments and post your own captions.

How do I find people?

  1. Caption Jack posts the best captions regularly and is a helpful way to find new users.
  2. Search through our category lists and top ranked captions on the Browse page.
  3. Search hashtags you’re interested in to find new users.

What are the pink lock icons on some photos?

A pink lock icon over a photo means that the caption has been sent to you directly. These captions are private and only show for those users in the private group.

What is the private switch on the Confirm screen?

You can’t make your profile private but you can send captions privately.

Switch to “Private” when posting a caption to send it secretly to one or more friends. Sending captions privately creates a sub-game where you and your friends can send captions back and forth in secret. Hit “Reply All” in the group to send a caption back to all the group members.

How do I get more followers and find other people to follow?

There are several different ways…

  1. Post photos to all your existing followers and add hashtags. You photos will get more exposure if you attach searchable hashtags to them (Example: #travel, #cats, #uranium, etc).
  2. Send “Private” one-to-one captions to friends in your address book who may not be playing yet. Switch your post to “Private” in creation mode and select users from your contacts. You’ll be able to send them a text message (or email if you don’t have their phone number) with a link to play your caption online. YUP, they can play without even having to download the app. Hopefully they’ll want to though!
  3. View other user’s profiles. In each user’s profile page you’ll see the lists of who they are following and who is following them. You can follow or unfollow anyone from these lists.
  4. Click on the little gear icon in the upper right corner of the Profile screen. This will bring up options for finding more people you may know.
  5. Peruse the Browse section and find new content and users to follow.

How do I hashtag a caption of my own?

Simply add a comment and include “#” followed by a word or phrase (no spaces) directly after. Here’s an example:

“Worse night of my life! #stagefright #embarrassing #memorable”

Can I tag friends in my captions?

YES! Start typing “@” followed by the username of who you want to tag. A list of suggested users will appear. Select the user you want from the suggested list. If you’ve tagged them correctly you’ll see their name highlighted and they will get notified that they’ve been tagged.

What are stars for?

Stars are awarded for getting captions correct. Your cumulative star total is shown on your Profile page.

The Web

Do you have to have an iPhone to play?

Share from the app via Facebook, Twitter, SMS, or Email and anyone can guess your caption online. That’s right, they don’t need to have the app to play. It’s easy to share any caption you make or even those that you play.

How do I add Captionable to my website?

Once you have a Captionable account it’s easy to add a Captionable widget to your blog or any website. Visit our Tool Kit page to download the HTML tag.

How do I add the widget to my Wordpress site?

  1. Navigate to the admin portion of Wordpress and add a new widget.
  2. Choose the “text widget”.
  3. Paste the code generated on our Tool Kit page.

Can I customize my Captionable widget more?

Yes, we offer some customization possibilities like unique backgrounds on the game page. Email us for more information: