PicTAPr! Send Picture Puzzles in iOS iMessage
PicTAPr is a free puzzle maker for instant messaging fun. Part of the Spanglr app for iMessange (iPhone/iPad), PicTAPr lets you make a digital puzzle from any smartphone pic. Your friend will see a scrambled image like those aboveā€¦ and when they tap, the 30-second timer begins!

How to Solve PicTAPr Puzzles in iMessenge
This quick rundown can help you solve puzzles like a pro:
  • PicTAPr splits a pic into 16 squares.
  • Then it scrambles them up!
  • Your goal is to tap until the correct image appears in each square. So get tapping!
  • When you tap a square, the image changes. Tap again, it changes again. Each square has five possibilities -- maybe including a time bonus or a photobomb!

If you uncover a clock symbol, your puzzle play time is extended. If you find a bomb icon, oh no! Your progress is ruined... Time to send a picture puzzle response!

Download SPANGLr to Make Free Picture Puzzles & Word Games
Spanglr is a free iMessage app (iOS) for turning images into games. Download Spanglr today and get three fun game tools: PicTAPr for making picture puzzles, PhotoBlocks for turning photos into jigsaw puzzles, and Captionable for adding word games to images and GIFs.